The perfect family’s getaway.

The Home In The Stone is more than an extraordinary place. It’s a style of living and being. The house immerses you in the delights of Italian culture, rustic natural beauty and warm-hearted hospitality. The kitchen and the dining room are the vital part of the home where people are involved in the eating and drinking and planning the next experience.



In the dining room facing the kitchen area lies a copper long table that can accomodates 6/8 seating and a wood-fired hearth for live-fire cooking your favorite food and taste delicious Italian ingredients from Tuscia region.







Peace of mind.

“We had a great week and we discovered a beautiful and peaceful small village in Tuscia.”


— J.A.

Best New Year's Eve.

“Thank you for your hospitality and for hosting us during the New Year's Eve week in a merry atmosphere. We had such a great time!”


— L.K.

La Dolce Vita.

“Beautiful and very quiet dwelling. The house is well kept and charming. Hosts are warm and kind. This house is definitely for people who's tired of busy&noisy urban life!!”


— C.C.



Your vacation getaway is waiting.